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Welcome to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home


Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home warmly welcomes individuals and organisations (like church groups, clubs and companies seeking to combine CSR and team bonding events) who are willing & able to sponsor & organise enrichment activities, life skills programmes or operational services for the Home. We especially welcome activities & programmes which are not only fun and engaging, but also broaden the children's minds and helps them to develop their interests, talents and self-confidence. 

1. Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities are designed to introduce the children to new experiences, new people and bring joy into their lives. They can be conducted inside or outside the Home and usually take place on Saturdays or during the school holidays (because the children need to study and go to school during the week). Enrichment activities can be combined are geared towards different groups: children (5-12), youths (13-21), girls or boys depending on their interests, needs and availability. The number of residents available is usually smaller during the weekends and school holidays.

Enrichment activities inside the Home include games, sports activities, children's carnival, dance classes, arts & crafts activities etc. Enrichment activities outside include a trip to the movies, going to the zoo, a museum, a park, a farm, bowling, escape room etc. Enrichment activities can also include a sponsored meal, prizes, goody bags or a donation to the Home, however, with the exception of Christmas & Chinese New Year, we do not encourage wish lists & gift giving because it spoils the children. Alternatively, you can give them vouchers which they can use in the holidays to shop for their needs.

2. Life Skills Programmes

Life skills programmes are important for teaching the children skills they will need when they return to their families or leave the Home to find a job and live independently. Examples include cooking classes, computer workshops, career talks, personal finance trainings, personal hygiene workshops, sewing classes, photography lessons etc.

These programmes can be one off or regular events and they can take place on Saturdays, school holidays or in the evenings during the week. Life skills programmes can be combined but they are usually geared towards specific groups: children (5-12), youths (13-21), girls or boys due to their different interests, needs and availability.

3. Operational Services

Partners who are interested in helping the Home with an operational services are also warmly welcomed & needed especially for important jobs or operations which require many hands and need to be completed in a short period of time. Examples of operational services include general spring cleaning, repainting rooms & dormitories, landscape gardening projects or moving furniture & cleaning out storage space. These important operational activities are usually conducted during the week when the children are at school by clubs and companies conducting CSR or team building activities. 

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Activity sponsors must be at least 18 years old because some of our children can exhibit challenging behaviour or feel embarrassed & envious when other children enter the Home. For the same reasons, we do not host children's birthday parties at CSLMCH.

Our programme coordinator will guide organisers with the planning process and our care staff will supervise the children during the activity, but organisers must be able to plan, fund and conduct the activity themselves and able to engage with our children.   

If you would like to sponsor & organise an adhoc activity or operational service for the Home, please send an email with your plan, dates and contact details to info@cslmch.org.sg Our programme coordinator will then see if it is aligned with the needs and availabilty of the children and get in touch with you.
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