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Welcome to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home

Our History

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home was established in 1968 by the Wesley Methodist Church and the Chen Su Lan Trust.

Our founder, Dr Chen Su Lan (1885 - 1972), was a doctor, anti-opium campaigner & devout Methodist who set up the Chen Su Lan Trust for charitable purposes in 1947. One of the charities he wanted to establish was a children’s home for orphans and children of various races and religions who were World War II victims and living in poverty. At the same time, members of the Wesley Methodist Church wanted to set up an outreach programme to help needy & disadvantaged children.  

Changi (Kampong Ayer Gemuroh)

In 1968, with $100,000, the Chen Su Lan Trust & Wesley Methodist Church came together and leased a two acre plot of land near Changi and built the first Children's Home at Wing Loong Road in Kampong Ayer Gemuroh. It was made up of three brick chalets: one house for the boys, one for the girls and one for the kitchen, office and staff sleeping quarters. The first director was a former nurse from Singapore General Hospital - Ms Lim Cheng Kiok whose emphasis was on spiritual life, physical health & education. The Children's Home cared for 19 boys and girls between 4 and 14 years old. Most of the children stayed in the Home until they finished their schooling at 16 years old. They then went on to find work in the workforce or at home.

Seletar Air Base

In 1977, the Government acquired the land in Kampong Ayer Gemuroh to make way for the new Changi International Airport so the Children's Home was relocated to a temporary alternative location at Regent Street, Seletar Air Base.

Serangoon Garden

In 1984 the Children's Home moved to its present premises on Serangoon Garden Way on land leased by the Government.

In 2004 the Ministry of Community Development Youth & Sports (MCYS) invited Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home to apply for Approved Home status and to take on children with special needs. A substantial fund was provided by MCYS which was used to expand the facilities of the Home so as to be able to care for 123 children. The new facilities included the Child Care Centre, a meeting room, Shaw Hall, the dining hall, the dormitories, a computer laboratory and a library. The building work started in April 2004 and finished in November 2005.

In December 2006 the new premises were officially opened by President S R Nathan and the Children's Home was gazetted by the government as ‘An Approved Home and a Place of Safety’ under the Children and Young Persons Act for children with special needs and children who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused.

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